Official Crypto News: Launch of the first cryptocurrency index in India


India First Cryptocurrency Index IC15: India's first cryptocurrency index officially launched. Recognized as the cryptocurrency super app in the world, CryptoWire has brought this currency index. Do you know its name?. Its name is IC15.

The duty of this index is to monitor the performance of the cryptocurrencies in the trading and leading exchanges and to provide those details through updates from time to time. CryptoWire, a specialized business unit of TrickerPlant Ltd., provides accurate cryptocurrency details. So not only for crypto investors but also for those who are interested, investment ‌ managers also understand the crypto market trends from time to time.

This index at the same time .. is also working to raise awareness on cryptocurrency and the blockchain ecosystem. IC15 consists of a Governance Committee (IGC) consisting of domain experts, academics, and intellectuals.

For any cryptocurrency to get a place in the index. According to the review, at least 90% of the trading days must be traded. Last month the market capitalization should be in the top 50 in terms of circulating. In order to qualify for listing in the IC15 Index .. it must be one of the top 100 most liquid cryptocurrencies in terms of trading value.

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