Holi Story: Why is Holi Celebrated.? Holi Date 2022

Holi Story: Why is Holi Celebrated

Holi Festival Story And Why is Holi Celebrated.?

It is enough that ‘Holi’ is coming .. it is celebrated all over the country. It is one of the most celebrated festivals in the country after Diwali. Hindu mythology says that this festival has been celebrated since the Satya Yuga. Holi means consecrated by fire or fire. Holi is also known as 'Holika Purnima'. This festival, which falls on the full moon day of the month of Phalguna every year, is also known as Holi, Kamuni Punnami, and Dolikotsavam. There are various myths and legends about the ancestry of this festival. See.

Holi Story ...

Prahlada, the son of the demon king Hiranyakashapu, always remembers the idol of Vishnu. Hiranyakashapudi does not like that. With this, he decides to blunt Prahlad. With this, he calls his demon sister Holika. With her power, she beats Prahlad to burn him in the fire. With this, she sits Prahlad on her lap and jumps into the fire. However, while Prahlada is scared to death by Vishnu Maya, the Holika demon dies in the fire. There is propaganda that the day on which Holika is burnt is called ‘Holi’. That is why in some places ‘Holika’ burning is performed at night.

Holi Celebrations:

Dolotsavam or Dolikotsavam is celebrated in Vanga country. It is believed that Lord Krishna celebrated this festival with the gopi on that day with the flowers and colors of Vrindavan. It is believed that by sprinkling colors and flowers like this, love and happiness will flow.

Another story on Holika:

In the Cretaceous, Raghunath was the Maharaja of the Sun Dynasty. One day all the people come and complain that a monster called 'Holika' is hurting their children. Narada Maharshi, who was there at that time, says that if one worships Holika on the day of Phalguna Purnima every year, the sufferings will go away. He explains that if the pujas are performed during the day, there will be difficulties and everything should be performed at night. Ancestors say that ‘Holi’ pujas have been performed since then.

What is Dolika ?:

Dolika means arts. Legend has it that Balabalakrishna was cast in Uyyala on the day of Phalguna, the month of Purnima. On this occasion, on the day of Holi in West Bengal, a statue of Lord Krishna is placed in a cradle and a 'Dolikotsavam' is celebrated. It is also said that Lord Krishna placed Radha in a cradle on this Holiday and the colors faded.

Holi Date 2022

Friday, 18 March 2022

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