Radhe Shyam Movie Box Office Collection - Day 1,2,3

Radhe Shyam Movie Box Office Collection Worldwide

Radhe Shyam is set to release worldwide on March 11. The film, which stars Prabhas and Pooja Hegde, has received positive talk through its premiere shows. Prabhas fans are worried about the success of the film.

Almost two years later, Pan India star Prabhas entered the theaters with the film Radhe Shyam. The film was released worldwide today (March 11). With this, the expectations of Prabhas fans for years came to a full stop. With the successful talk coming through the premieres, the commotion of Prabhas fans is seen in the theaters. Released with huge expectations, the film was released in a number of theaters in different areas. Let's take a look at the pre-release business and how the first-day collections are going.

Radhe Shyam Movie Released Theaters

According to movie analysts, the film has not been released in the two Telugu states and is at the expected level in theaters.

The film is being released on a large scale all over the world but the number of theaters in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states is said to be declining. The film is said to have been released in around 860 theaters in the two Telugu states combined. Radhe Shyam has been allotted over 335 theaters in the Nizam area alone. However, reports say that this is less than Pushpa, Bheemla Nayak, and Akhanda Theaters Count.

Radhe Shyam Movie Day -1 Collection

The film, which was ambitiously produced on a huge budget, was in high demand in all parts of the country due to the buzz. With this, the rights of all areas together were sold for Rs 202.80 crore, according to trade scholars. Audiences abroad, however, were drawn to the premieres. Advance bookings are made in a large range.

Including advance bookings and all the tickets given in the theaters, it seems that this 'Radhe Shyam' is likely to fetch Rs 35 crore on the first day. Moreover, in terms of gross, it is certain that it will reach Rs 50 or 100 crore on the first day.

Radhe Shyam Movie Day - 2 Collection

Day wise collection shares in Two Telugu states (AP  & Telangana)

Day 1: 25.49 crores

Day 2: 12.32 crores

During the two days together, the stock collected Rs 37.81 crore and a Gross of Rs 57.20 crore.

Area wise 2nd-day collections in AP  & Telangana

Nizam: 6.61 crores
Seeded: 1.54 crores
Uttarandhra: 1.24 crores
East Godavari: 61 lakhs
West Godavari: 46 lakhs
Guntur: 72 lakhs
Krishna: 71 lakhs
Nellore: 43 lakhs

Overall, on the 2nd day, the two states together received 12.32 crore shares and 20.20 crore gross. 

3.04 crore in Karnataka,
48 lakh in Tamil Nadu,
10 lakh in Kerala,
4.45 crore in Hindi,
1 crore in the Rest of India,
and 9.15 crore overseas worldwide.

Before its release, Radhe Shyam's movie had a pre-release business of Rs 202.80 crore worldwide and entered the ring with a break-even target of Rs 204 crore. This calculation is another if you want a break-even cross 147.61 crores should be collected.

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